in a couple weeks, i will have a large piece of news to share with you. at the moment, much of what i’ve been doing is finishing up some projects and waiting around

since i’ve last posted here, i’ve collaborated with siki sufin to create an installation for the taipei biennial, _a different gravity_. the work took me from my usual haunts on the east coast to the rivers threading through taipei / new taipei cities. at some point, i’d like to expand some of this work for a soundmap, but that’s on hold for a bit

rahic talif and i have also been working on a set of pieces together, funded by the asian cultural council

finally, articles that first appeared as blog posts here–one on registering sonic in cepo’ and another on voice and refusal, are in press. the first article will appear in resonating occupations, edited by jeremy taylor; the second in a book on how scholarship on music might reframe taiwan studies, resounding taiwan edited by nancy guy. i’m excited to see the galleys on these articles and looking forward to the print versions! there’s also the article on dance and sovereign assertion, which came out in the journal anthropologica

now, it’s time for me to rework some other pieces and also to write new things, right?

i want to do that, but first we’ve got to get far enough through covid that we can work together in taiwan again

more news to follow, about a major move

keep healthy y’all