days of watching clouds drape the peaks of the coast ranges, sliding down to the mountain’s waist


safereday a romi’ad i, it hasn’t rained, even though each day one feels that lightning will break the heat

safereday a romi’ad i, 幾天都~~~~沒下雨,只好等待著,等著雷來解悶

on clear days, the mountains look smaller, more distant, while green island surprises one when one turns east–why is a mountain there?

青天轉身往東邊看,怎麼會有山?哇! 原來是綠島

clothed in clouds, the mountains do not shy away, but appear in all their green girth. our village sits on the tiny perch between malataw and the ocean





it’s true. the partially clouded peaks look more massive. does our sense of  the distance and size of clouds change our perception?