over the past month i’ve been working on the piece “tapping currents”

here’s the description and a link to the sound piece on soundcloud…


Safang (三角網) 是採集日常蛋白質、參與貨幣市場貼補家計的工具,也是跟出海口互動的媒介。網真正的長度和內涵,我們可能看不到,這樣,safang可以代表一個文化脈絡,我們必通過文化才能接觸自然,但是我們很少注意到文化脈絡(或媒介)的存在。如果進一步聽到它,我們是否能夠珍惜那些給我們薪生命的媒介?

recording with hydrophones in the siugulan river mouth lagoon, august 2018. photo by diway

Tapping currents, I turn my back to the land and touch the undertow, seeking for life amid the eddys of history. This is just daily life. As the moon sets, we head out, meeting the ocean at the river’s mouth, in the tidal zone. The ocean communicates to us in the undertow, but have we become too dull to hear her messages? So I use my body to search in the undertow. Exile and homecoming, the past and the future, self and other, all meet at the river’s mouth, in our labour, in my net

Triangular nets called safang are tools for gathering one’s daily nutrition and supplementing family incomes on a cash market. But Safang are also a medium for interacting with the ocean and other people. Perhaps we cannot see just how long and how meaningful safang are. In that way, they are like other media or cultural contexts—we rely on them to make contact with nature but we rarely take notice of them. If we were to listen closely to their voices, would we begin cherish these fragile means to create life?

接。流 在大港口部落的涼亭東北側,是森川里海MIPALIW藝術祭參展作品,歡迎來八月二十六日的開展會。明年三月才撤展,歡迎來看!
tapping. currents appears as part of the mipaliw land arts festival. opening 26 august, 2018. exhibit on until march 2019. come and take a look around!